Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Letter to EU Competition Commissar Regarding Microsoft Ruling


Ms. Neelie Kroes,

You, your department, and the entire EU deserve moral condemnation for your recent criminal actions against Microsoft. Microsoft is an excellent software company whose only "crime" is achieving too much success in European markets. To accuse Microsoft -- a company that has contributed more to the growth of computer technology than perhaps any other single company -- of "hindering innovation and consumers" is beyond ludicrous. It is the ironically-named "EU Competition Commission" which discourages innovation -- by punishing companies who innovate.

If it continues down this road, some day the EU's implied wish will be fulfilled: all of the "evil" American companies like Microsoft will pull out of Europe all-together. The already abysmal economic situation in Europe will grow even worse as it scares away those who innovate and produce. Even then, you will blame the greedy capitalists for your downfall.

I can only hope that in my own country (the U.S.), we can learn from the failures of European collectivism instead of emulating them.

Dan Edge
Small Business Owner
Pomona, NY USA

You can write to Neelie Kroes, the EU's Competition Commissioner, at

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dan,
I am an Italian Objectivist and so I unfortunately live in EU(i.e. NEW URSS). I have shame of our governments. I really hope our countries will collapse under the weight of socialism. I really hope americans people like Bill Gates stops to sell his products in EU so that we perish under our incompetence.

So, take my apologies for our governments.

Maurizio Natali