Thursday, September 3, 2009

Football Time '09 -- The Musical

OK, so I went overboard today and made a song out of my Football Time '09 Chipmunk Christmas idea. This is my first attempt at recorded music, track mixing, audio editing, harmonizing, etc. Not perfect but sounds alright for 2 hours of work. All lyrics, vocals, guitar, production, and editing by Dan Edge.


Here's the lyrics:


Hey Dan, why don’t you and your momma sing that Football song y’all wrote this week. The Gamecocks are playin’ in their first game tonight, and I bet they’d shore appreciate that song. Dan? Dan! DAN!!!


Football, football fall is here
Time for cook-outs, time for cheer
Pound the run or bomb the pass
Figure out that offense fast

May need to replace Delhomme
Me I want a Super Bowl
Championship of SEC
Please Gamecocks win for me!

Clemson, Clemson Tigers time
This team too I claim for mine
Greenville born, SC degree
Contradicting Loyalties

Dominate the ACC
At season’s end we’re enemies
But till then we can be friends
Please Tigers fight to win!

--Dan Edge

1 comment:

Tom said...

We may not win the ACC, but odds are we beat SC! Go Tigers!