Friday, September 4, 2009

Responsible Southern Youths Unite! -- Say NO to the "Emergency" Curfew

Please join us on Saturday, September 5th @ 10pm for a sit-in protest at the intersection of Main St. and Court St. If you are part of the vast majority of southern youth who are responsible, law-abiding individuals – if you are a freedom-loving adult who was culturally enriched by experiencing downtown Greenville’s nightlife as a minor – if you agree that the unlawfulness of a deviant minority is no justification to restrict the liberties of the rights-respecting majority – then please join us in protesting the Nanny State mentality inherent in the City’s “Emergency” Curfew initiative. Join us in saying “No” to the Nanny State, ”No” to violence, vandalism, and substance abuse, and “Yes” to the freedom to live and the liberty to learn.

Feel free to bring your own signs, since only a limited number will be available. Copy and distribute this flier at your leisure. Snacks, cameras, and musical instruments are all good items to bring. We will be happy to have you, provided you agree to the following conditions:

• No violence of any kind
• No vandalism or property damage of any kind
• No drugs or alcohol – anyone appearing intoxicated will be asked to leave
• No heckling or provocation of police officers – we are here to protest peacefully and promote the liberty of responsible, law-abiding youth
• No badgering of downtown patrons beyond a polite offer to distribute a pamphlet and/or explain the reasoning behind our display of civil disobedience
• No interference with auto or pedestrian traffic – if a cordoned area is provided by the police, we will remain inside it

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Anonymous said...


I wouldn't focus on how rude or bullying the police officer was. People can't assess that who weren't there. More important is that arresting someone is a very serious matter and you did nothing to deserve that. Instead point out that in full-scale civil disobedience very few people get arrested and they have to do a -lot- to deserve that (be violent, refuse orders to disperse, etc.)

And police can't just go around arresting people because they don't like them or don't agree with them. Or doing something to them that could harm them or damage their permanent record.

Your participation sounds so trivial and uneventful that charges should be dropped. But, aside from that apparently there was a "riot" the week before there by teenagers? Did you cover this background in your blog? What actualy was meant by a "riot" here? And -apparently- that's the reason for temporary or emergency? 10 PM curfew?

They wouldn't have imposed it if that had not happened?

If so, that puts things in a different light. If there is a riot, a temporary curfew -may- be an appropriate measure until there are enough police.

In which case, it's not exactly like the Nazis are in town...and your protest seems less appropriate than going to the city council.

Or am I missing some important context?

--Phil Coates

Dan Edge said...


Thanks for your comments. Yes, you are missing a few things. Did you read the "Adventures in Activism" post? That one provides more context. It seems like that's the one you're responding to here, but it's unclear.

The "riot" mentioned was a mass of youngsters in downtown, several of which started fighting. Things got out of hand very quickly, as few cops were on patrol to contain it. No one was hurt.

The City of the Greenville has spent millions of dollars over the past few years years to revitalize downtown. Instead of 30 crackheads in West End Greenville on a Friday night, there are now literally thousands of people. This happened over about 5 years.

The downtown police force, meanwhile, has gotten budget *cuts* during this period. The same 2 to 4 cops are on patrol in a 3 block radius around this mass of people. This situation was created by poor City Management.

But there's more. The Greenville Emergency Curfew Ordinance is illegal and in violation State and Federal. I won't go into that here, but suffice to say it's bad all around.

I'm too tired to write more :)

--Dan Edge