Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Interview With Channel 7 News in Greenville

Originally aired on Channel 7 News @ 11pm on Thursday, October 15. In this interview, I state my intention to file a Section 1983 Civil Rights lawsuit against the City of Greenville.


Daniel said...

What made you decide to file the lawsuit. Did the trial not go as you had hoped?

Good luck,

Jason said...

Good interview. Don't back down!

Anonymous said...

Caught you on the news. Good luck.

Anonymous said...


What happened at your trial? Has the case been dismissed?


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I meant hearing, not trial. Hopefully, the powers that be are not stupid enough to take it to trial.


Randy said...

I saw you at the hearing (I was on the back row, then moved up when it was your turn).

I posted a summary of the events leading up to the hearing and of the hearing today on my blog. Hopefully, you'll get a chance to read it and comment.

Realist Theorist said...

You should hire a good lawyer soon. Suggest you set up a legal-defense fund that people can contribute to. Simply use Paypal for it.

I expect there are people in Greenville, and others who know you or read your blog who would welcome a way to contribute to such a fight, even if it is in such a small way as a contribution.