Wednesday, February 8, 2012

AMERICA is to Blame -- the Syrian Tragedy

For once, I could be seen to agree with most of the rest of the world about a current international tragedy: I say AMERICA is to blame for the horrific massacre now taking place in Syria. We are to blame because we have become a nation of moral cowards, willing to withstand anything besides soundly and proudly crushing these belligerent, dictatorial theocracies that have waged open war on the United States for decades.

We are to blame because we refuse to recognize the blatant fact that these maniacal regimes consider us demons to be destroyed (or at least conquered and cowed). While moral traitors in our own country proclaim that America is responsible for the zealous blood lust of some foreign leaders, those same foreign powers plot continually to kill us in every way possible. One self-proclaimed messiah is completely naked in his ambition to annihilate a relatively peaceful neighbor in a nuclear holocaust. AMERICA is to blame for this.

We are to blame because we are too cowardly now to wage total war. The last time Congress declared war on an enemy nation was June 5, 1942. The result of that conflict was a lasting set of peaceful allies who have never since been a threat to us or anyone else. Subsequent "peace/police actions" by the U.S. have resulted in lasting enemies: North Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and, eventually, a newly theocratized Iraq. None of those countries were ever truly defeated. None were permanently disarmed. None were prevented from reorganizing and strengthening into a new, more dangerous breed of enemy. We are to blame for this.

These Islamist Terror States, most of them born in the blood of innocents, have not killed or conquered us all only because they lack the capability to do so -- for now. But they're working on it -- hard -- while the Western world buries its collective head in the sand. Fortunately for us it turns out that brutal dictatorship is not an ideal form of government. The military might of the Middle East combined is a fly we could swat with a flick of our military's mighty wrist. The only reason these regimes continue to thrive and terrorize is that we refuse to eliminate them.

The Greatest Generation of our noble nation would never have allowed such a thing to happen. They would have demanded that Congress declare war, achieve complete victory, and permanently remove the threat. The rogue terror state of Iran shouldn't be allowed to have a fucking patrol boat, much less a nuclear arsenal. Instead, Iran brazenly leads the charge of Islamic Totalitarianism, biding its time and supplying its surrogates with the resources to murder us in ever-growing numbers -- while the current crop of American leaders, yellow bastards without a spot of moral courage, can barely muster up a series of strongly worded "official" statements.

Look and see for yourself what is happening to these families in Homs, Syria. They are being slaughtered by the hundreds and thousands. The Syrian military is firing heavy artillery, rockets, and bombs at civilians in their own country. They are carpeting the area with explosives, maximizing medical care casualties, and killing anyone who tries to escape the city. Go read their stories and witness their tragedy. America is to blame for this.

Since we are too scared to do anything about it ourselves, I hope at least that America will allow Israel to do what we won't (lest we get our hands dirty). Either way, we are still to blame. And it's a goddamned shame.

--Dan Edge

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