Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Atlas Shrugged Movie Review

I got the Atlas Shrugged movie on DVD for my birthday last month (thanks Heather), and watched it with interest.  I also reviewed commentary from director, writer, and producer.  I was touched by the “I am John Galt” video montage.  Many of the faces were familiar to me.

The movie was of admirable quality considering the shoestring budget.  Many participants essentially donated their time to make it happen.  They wanted to be a part of the legacy of this masterwork by a properly revered author.  Their hard work mirrors the character of the dramatic subjects portrayed. 

Many negative reviews of the movie were unjust, from both critics and Objectivists.  Director, writer, producer, actors, and special effects team produced an admirable result given time restraints.  Atlas Shrugged is now on the big screen, even in my small hometown of Greenville, SC.  Honor is owed to those who helped make this happen.

I look forward to Part 2, with realistic expectations.  Viewers will be driven to read the book for the full story – a satisfying result.  Atlas Shrugged continues to sell in ever increasing numbers.  All benefit.

I venture that the production of this movie does more to advance reason and freedom than does the combined efforts of all rational participants in the recent Presidential election.  Ideas move the world, and the Atlas Shrugged movie project succeeds in presenting rational ideas to the populous.  As such, I honor and sanction it  


--Dan Edge

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