Friday, May 24, 2013

In Defense of Islam

I write in defense of Islam.

Islamic Totalitarians have become the greatest threat to freedom in the modern world.  Murderous, Theocratic nations openly express their intent to conquer and cow us.  Every day, there is news of a new attack.  Militant Islam is clearly a threat.  How to respond?

I agree with the direct approach advocated by the late, great  John David Lewis: conquer rogue terror states and forcefully impose separation of state and religion.  But leave freedom of religion alone -- in fact, enforce it under threat of annihilation.  Freedom of individual thought, freedom of belief, and (therefore) freedom of religion must be upheld in a free society.  Without exception.

The free world ought to abide by the same moral rule: there can be no such thing as Thought Crime.  Privately practiced religion should be a non-issue for law-abiding citizens of a free nation.  This principle should be codified into Constitutions and righteously enforced, everywhere.

There are many Muslims living in America, UK, Europe, etc., who are much like their Christian (or Deist or whatever) neighbors: working hard to make the best of things for themselves and for their own.  I sympathize, and assert that all law-abiding individuals ought to be considered equally under the law, regardless of their personal beliefs.  In these trying times, I stress that this principle most emphatically includes Muslims.

A "War on Islam" is as misguided as a "War or Terror."  War is (or ought to be) a conflict with another Nation-State, for a specifically designed purpose, legally authorized by the Legislative and Executive Branches, and fully supported by the populous.  Anything else is a Police Action, harming free people foreign and domestic.  

Given that our governments have failed in this duty, I feel I must support the efforts that our military is allowed to make against the worldwide virus of Totalitarian Islam.  But I will never support the use of that might to wage War against domestic Muslim Citizens. Muslims qua believers should be treated no different from any other Citizen.

Muslims should not be targeted for deportation, and suggestions to the contrary  are shameful.  This is a tragic, emotionalistic inversion of rational principle.  Again, freedom of ideology (above all) should be protected under Law.  This means that government should not take one's personal beliefs into account when enforcing Law.  Immigration and deportation are absolutely not excluded from this principle. 

When I'm 64, I don't want to begin the story to my grandkid with, "When they came for the Muslims..."

--Dan Edge


Realist Theorist said...

Thank you for posting this. In the last few years, I've seen some friends shift toward a "muslims are bad" viewpoint. While disagreeing strongly, I can somewhat understand it, as a reaction to "class probability". I hope that Objectivists at least will leave that type of thinking to conservatives and others who think that Allah is different from the "Father" of the Christian trinity.

The other type of attack is when people say that the better class of Muslims are simply hypocrites who are not following the real (i.e. really evil) doctrine of Islam. In other words they are not Muslims, but "Muslims". It does not really matter: if a Christian started to act like the Inquisition, we would condemn him over the modernized Muslim. Whether Christianity does or does not advocate the actions of the inquisition is really besides the point when judging the person.

Put another way, your post ought not to be controversial among rational people.

Finally, if you're interested in how some Islamic thinkers were trying to modernize Islam (somewhat like the humanists of the European renaissance) check out A Critical Exposition of the Popular 'Jihád' by Cherágh Ali

Kyle Sullivan said...

Well some how I came across your well written article on the defense side... I too almost feel the same way.... Born and raised in Lower New England as a Roman Catholic. there is nothing I can do but turn my head and examine the peace in the Middle East. Just as you did.. Fire and ice elements collide no matter where we are... But the question is this, is there a common solution for both sides of this elemental war... How far can this go on... And do we really want this war to end? I loved your perspective if only there was more people like us...

Dan Edge said...


The missing link here is America's failure to wage Total War against dangerous, theocratic nations.

America has not declared War since the 1940's, and we have effectively lost every War since.

Eg., The Terror State of Iran should not be allowed to have integrated State and Religion, and should not be allowed to have a military. To win, Allies must enforce this under threat of complete destruction. Or lose.

Above all, try this (which has worked in the past) *before* curtailing domestic freedoms!

--Dan Edge