Friday, December 11, 2015

Rediscovering Christianity and Islam


I was raised as a Christian in the American South.  My family never rammed religion down out throats, but I used to enjoy going to church, especially Youth Group.  It was nice for a young, cocky nerd like myself to feel like I had freinds, that I was part of a community.

When I was about 12 years old, after making a Jewish friend at summer camp, I started reading the Bible.  In the beginning, it was fun.  I didn't know any other kids my age who would brave such an attempt.  But then, as usual, came the questions.  So many questions.  Seeking answers invariably raised more question, ones I couldn't answer with such limited source material.

So then I read the Quar'an.  Different from the Bible, yet so similar.  More and more questions, and none of the answers satisfactory.  Then the Isopanisads, the Tao De Ching, other world religions from antiquity.  Still, no satisfaction.  So I moved on to philosophy, and haven't circled around ever since.  Considering the impact that religion has had our modern culture and current events, I think it's about time.

The next few entries will be about my recent studies of Christianity and Islam.  Thanks to friends and family who have recommended some very interesting books on the history of these religions.

--Dan Edge

The Edge of Reason, v2.0


I've decided to "reboot" my blog.  From 2006-2014, I posted over 150 articles and essays here.  Many of the things I wrote no longer represent who I am.  So, I'd like to start over:

Welcome to new The Edge of Reason blog!

This blog is a collection of thoughts from an amateur philosopher, autodidact, and ADHD maniac (me) who never fell out of love with reading, writing, and learning.  I'm not trying to change the world here -- just using Blogger as a tool to advance my obsession with study, and to document my continuing philosophical journey.  For myself, mostly  :)

Science, religion, psychology, history, and philosophy are favorite subjects.  Politics, not so much, though I ma have some comments from time to time.  If you see something interesting, feel free to comment.  Also feel free to reproduce anything published here (along with attribution).

Wishing you all an incredible adventure in this crazy life,

--Dan Edge

Saturday, November 15, 2014

[Gay] Marriage Legal in South Carolina

The ban against same-sex marriage in South Carolina has just been overturned by Circuit Courts.  Barring further legal action, Colleen Condon and Nicholas Bleckley will soon be granted a marriage license from SC.

I'm happy to see that most of my fellow South Carolinians have come to their senses.  Homosexuality is a real thing.  There is such a thing as gay people (or bi or whatever).  They're just like that.  So what?

Marriage is a common law contract that helps simplify a complex legal relationship between two people.  Much like an S Corp or LLC, a marriage contract allows citizens to opt into an existing legal construct, encompassing issues like: life insurance, medical insurance, estate division upon death, custody of children, and much much more.  Marriage contracts have a lot of judicial precedent behind them, and this is useful for all citizens.

How could one legally justify denying gays the right to form a marriage contract?  It would be exactly the same to deny them the right to form an S Corp or LLC.  These common law contracts were designed to make it easier for citizens to make legal connections.  Marriage is perhaps the most pervasive and useful contract in Earth's history.  To deny the right to such a contract is a massive penalty.  WHY?

Consider the history of judicial precedent regarding marriage contracts:  Imagine a single case where the judgement would be different if the married parties were the same sex vs. opposite sex.  Take a sec, and really think about this...  The are few such weird cases, and they make no difference.  Marriage law is essentially unaffected by allowing same sex partners,

I see no legal justification from the anti-gay folks, just references to their moral and religious beliefs.  Folks need to mind their own business.  I think it proper that the SC law was struck down on Constitutional grounds.

[I put brackets around "Gay" in the title because I find it ludicrous to talk about Gay Marriage vs Straight Marriage.  Marriage is marriage, as far as the State is concerned.]

Thanks for reading,

--Dan Edge